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Chaitu Lal interrupts viewers of popular shows on Hotstar with contextual dialogues to introduce his character and propaganda

Chaitu Lal interrupts viewers of popular shows on Hotstar with contextual dialogues to introduce his character and propaganda


Star Plus roster, primarily dominated by a women centric palette of shows introduced a light hearted political satire ‘Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hain’. The show underlines issues that resonate well with the country’s masses like the state of education, electricity, availability of clean water, etc. in a satirical, over the top and sometimes slapstick manner.

Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hain is the story of Chaitu Lal and his family, lending social commentary showcased through 'issues' that Chaitu faces in his day to day life and the way he manages to solve them.


  • 1 Set context and drive intrigue to a first of a kind, political satire Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hain which is set to be inaugurated on Star Plus
  • 2 Build Chaitu Lal as a character that is central to the show and is key to the narrative build


India is a politically passionate nation.

A study of voter profile in India reveals that out of about 800 million eligible voters nearly 160 million are between the age groups of 18 to 24 years. With 65% of Indian population is below 35 years of age, and most of them avid social media users, the equation has had a dramatic impact on the democratic exercise in India.


Political Conversations on the rise

Google trend data shows a significant rise in political conversations with over 20% increase YOY. Political & government related hashtags were amongst the most used hashtags of 2017


Opinionated Young Population

Even non-voters in this country have strong views for doing so and most of the people are unhappy with something or the other. Politics spawns a lot of interest, arguments, discussions and debates as it is one of the most engaging subjects. However, one thing they all unanimously agree upon is that the politicians could definitely do a better job beyond just ‘propaganda’


Media influence & ‘Breaking News’ as a motif

Media has played a larger role with ‘Breaking News’ as a commonly repeated and widely understood motif splattered across news screens. Digital natives across the country have been reactive to the media news contributing to a flurry of social conversations




Leveraging the considerable SOV that politically influenced conversations have generated especially by the younger generation of the country & the role of media in generating these reactions helped created a robust and substantial starting point in this journey. India being a politically passionate nation, is well versed with the concept of ‘propaganda’ & manifestos that come to life in just pre-elections. However, all of these promises tend to never see the light of the day in the long run. This made way for a central plank that covered the whole campaign - #Kyaullubanaya - capturing the sentiment of the nation of how every year the common mass gets fooled by the politicos


Mobile phones are shapeshifting consumption trends with OTT platforms championing the personalized content consumption experience. To allow for an involved sampling experience, it was critical to aberrate the usual common parlance of consumption. Enabling effective discovery, character-led disruptive intervention broke the assumed frame of reference in the interaction between the user and his mobile screen.


Disruption was key to the campaign and this was done contextually by creating purposeful interventions in the palette of the existing Star Plus audience base. Leveraging the hotstar ecosystem, a first its kind mid-roll ads were integrated with Hotstar content where Chaitu Lal abruptly appeared in the videos to deliver a promise in context to the show being watched and the characters.

  • Video consumption - 19M
  • Impressions - 19M


Similar interventions were carried out on YouTube’s most popular videos with contextual dialogues embedded in sync with the video. Each of the videos the Chaitu Lal was accompanied with Putan, his right hand in the show, allowing for character build and context setting required.

  • Video consumption - 3.8M
  • Impressions - 18.8M
  • CPV - 0.63
  • View Rate - 19.8%



  • Video Consumption 12.8M Across Content & Platforms

  • Impressions 27.8M

  • CPV 0.63INR

  • View Rate 19.8%