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Launch of Ikyawann created an organic storm of conversations rooted in a culturally potent insight to engage influencers and the audience alike.

Launch of Ikyawann created an organic storm of conversations rooted in a culturally potent insight to engage influencers and the audience alike.

Use of social media in a campaign


Star Plus has always supported gender equality, encouraging women to stand up for their identity. The brand believes that when a womans limitless potential gets unshackled, she has the power to impact and influence her world. With this belief Star Plus challenged age-old gender stereotypes in the country through the brand philosophy of “Nayi Soch”.

Reflecting the philosophy, Star Plus launched Ikyawan - story of a girl named Susheel who challenges the existing norms of society to prove her worth.


To disrupt existing societal beliefs that expects the girl to be ‘Susheel’ and be shaadi material. Susheel was the outcome of a non-stereotypical upbringing, allowing Star Plus the liberty to question society’s expectations from a girl without taking it head-on.


  • 1 Invite viewers to witness the journey of Susheel and establish a genuine connect with the character
  • 2 Drive conversations and generate excitement around the show ensuring demonstration of the ‘Nayi Soch’


Societal norms in the country dictate that a girl is expected to fit into a conventional mold of ‘femininity’. ‘Sundar, Susheel, Suljhi’ are the aspirational qualities that girls are expected to have. Through her formative years, she is trained to behave and act in a certain way so as to be deemed ‘Shaadi material’.



A powerful polarising stimulus that was certain to invoke a substantial conversation- #NotShaadiMaterial

The activity began with a probe to all men asking what they mean by a girl being Shaadi Material. The outcome was shockingly representative of the age-old mindset in the country with responses ranging from someone who knows how to take care of the house, knows how to cook, is intelligent but not opinionated, doesn’t argue, dresses conservatively, etc. This was packaged as a vox-pop and proved to be a strong catalyst to drive responses from women questioning the defined mould and taking a stand proclaiming they were proudly #NotShaadiMaterial

Supplementing the activity with the effective content marketing that packaged #NotShaadiMaterial as listicles, articles published through relevant publications. This enabled targeted discovery accounting for a huge upsurge in conversations and a substantial SOV. This helped set a strong foundation to introduce the character - Susheel lacking the same ‘shaadi’ material traits thereby drawing an immediate connect.

Extending the thought

In line with social consumption patterns, multiple micro-moments were delivered as video snippets supported by static interventions reinforcing the character nuance derived through her background, upbringing & family.

Matrimonial ads are a prevalent proof that demand & document shaadi material expectations making it an excellent creative device to fuel the frenzy. The ad listed all #notshaadimaterial, traits probing if anyone would marry a girl like Susheel.

Organic Coverage on Front Page

The effort made headlines in the form of organic coverage on the front page of Bombay times lending a huge testimony for the campaign that was truly rooted in cultural insight, set context to the character and a potent foundation for the show launch.

Leveraging Star Power

Leading up to the launch day the noise was dialled up by inclusion of celebrities that resonated with the character fabric viz. Bani J, Shehnaz, Richa Chaddha who are known to live life on her own terms. They partnered with Star Plus & Susheel to pose the pertinent question through a FB live activity talking about all the traits they possess that make them conventionally NotShaadiMaterial.

  • 82K Live Viewers

  • 2.7K Engagements


  • Increased Viewership 22%
    on the 8:30pm slot

  • Sentiment 99%
    Positive sentiment for the show

  • Mentions 15k+ on launch day

  • Organic PR Uptake Made headlines on the
    front page of a major news daily