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StarPlus was all set to retell the story of Anurag & Prerna with its iconic show Kasautii Zindagii Kay making its grand return. The franchise boasts of a cult following and fanbase, attributed to its soul-touching music to its soul-stirring story of love, betrayal, revenge and retribution. Kasautii Zindagii Kay’ is a tale - Anurag & Prerna’s tale of romance, of Anurag’s unwitting betrayal and lifelong pining for his soulmate Prerna, as it is Komolika’s tale of crooked cunningness and of the vortex of emotions, trials, tribulations, twists and turns all the main characters go through and the upheavals fate plays out for them.


  • 1 Build anticipation for the launch of the retelling of an iconic show franchise
  • 2 Excite the existing fanbase while establishing relevance with a new breed of consumers


The challenge with a show that boasts of a cult following is that the existing fans are staunchly in love with the original and thus have predetermined thoughts and expectations based on precedence.

With the new breed of consumers it becomes critical to establish relevance in a way that the communication connects to them without alienating the existing fan core


Once the core fans are activated, they attract the mass and fringe alike


Energising THE CORE

Identify, isolate and showcase elements and emotions from the show that will invoke unparalleled nostalgia

With a show like Kasautii Zindagii Kay, the elements around the show - the title track, the iconic dupatta and the romance linked to it was well known amongst the core

Build Intrigue for the fan core

Using the red dupatta and the title track a promo was released with both the characters as silhouettes. This was supplemented with web-exclusive teaser gifs recreating a visual and aural experience invoking unparalleled nostalgia.

  • 3.8MN Views across all social platforms

  • 2.8MN Reach across all social platforms

  • 268K Engagementsacross all social platforms

Building the excitement for the core to an inflection point and make news

Dated Promos caught the audience by surprise by bringing in Shahrukh Khan. The promos had Ekta Kapoor & Sharukh Khan discussing about the show coming back on StarPlus sending the fans into a frenzy. It appeased the core and excited the incremental audiences talking about the launch.

  • 5.3MN Views across all social platforms

  • 2.6MN Reach across all social platforms

  • 296K Engagements across all social platforms

Leveraging the popularity of the iconic track, the making of the song was created featuring the creators, uploading the track on soundcloud for the fans to savour. Music was an important aspect of evoking nostalgia bringing back the love fervour that the audiences identified with.

  • 200K Views across all social platforms

  • 307K Reach across all social platforms

  • 15K Engagements across all social platforms

Lead up to the launch through tactical interventions delivered live

In line with the backdrop of the show and the characters belonging to a Bengali household, Ekta Kapoor & the cast of KZK went for a trip to Kolkata to seek blessings for their upcoming show. The same was amplified on Digital through FB LIVE thus further driving conversations.


  • 2.2MN Reach

  • 306K Engagements


As the core took the excitement to a frenzy, the buzz around the show grew and as a testament to the efforts, news about the Kasautii Zindagi Kay coming back reached beyond the core to being discovered by newer audiences.

This allowed for an opportunity to enable purposeful discovery for this new breed of audiences and let them taste the Kasautii Zindagi Kay flavour of love. Also it was the time to build Anurag & Prerana as characters they can relate to and fall in love with

From online to real-world installations

One of the most memorable aspects of the show was the Anurag Prerna pose which was Replicated in the form of a statue, which was placed at the busiest locations across the country amplified through celebrity couples viz. Neha Dhupia & Jay Bhanushali visiting these locations with their partners.

Leveraging Augmented reality enabling audiences to live the Kasautii Zindagii Kay experience

When it comes to iconic shows, it is critical that the experience is authentic and results in intimate memories that are long lasting. Whatever be the experience, it is imperative that it is participative and engages the senses in a way that it evokes a human response For Kasautii Zindagii Kay, experience zones were set up across cities allowing for an experience that is synonymous with the show.

Using iconic elements like the dupatta the experience allowed users to roleplay the characters. The outcome was them being cast against the title track with an interplay and interaction with show elements giving people a chance to feel the romance that the show brought along. We leveraged augmented reality to become the bridge between the audience and show, magnifying and personalising it in a way that was unique and intimate.These moments were captured and sent individually to each participant as memorabilia setting the stage for the launch.

These moments were captured and sent individually to each participant as memorabilia.

This created intimate memories that allowed the participants to connect emotionally with the show and it's characters.

  • 10 Cities

  • 24.17MN Reach

  • 6K videos created


Affinity for a channel is linked to it’s content and affinity for content is linked to it’s characters

Relatability, affinity & love for characters deepens only when they go beyond the context of the show & intersperse it with life.

Making characters memorable and relevant through focused character building

Relatability, affinity & love for characters deepens only when they go beyond the context of the show & intersperse it with life. It was especially critical to ensure there is no dissonance with the existing fan core and establishing connect with the new breed of audiences. Threading individual aspects of the character core, Anurag & Prerana were built through multiple perspectives and formats.

Anurag was built using Prerana's point of view inherently building both characters signifying the bond between the two. Daily polls on Facebook allowed people to participate giving their view and express their fandom. Efforts took into account multiple aspects of Anurag & Prerana, talking about traits, behaviours, inclinations and opinions.

This was supplemented with other characters jumping in and expressing their understanding of Anuraag and what they felt about him. Anuraag was positioned as an ideal man - as a friend, partner and a guy next door allowing people to see him in varied perspectives that audiences can relate to. Articles and social media amplification with partners to create surround buzz for Anurag’s character building as the desirable and ideal man

  • Anurag entered the Top 10 list of India's buzziest characters in the launch month itself. He then went on to become #1 on the list.

Using quotes to establish the relationship dynamic

Quotes are palatable and are a regular feature of social media consumption and most importantly popular with the GEC audience core. Social was thus leveraged as a context setting medium establishing the relationship dynamic going beyond individual aspects of the characters.

The one of a kind love story of Anurag-Prerna was promoted through statics with heart-hitting quotes.

Leading upto the launch a special screening event was held on the day of the show airing which was digitally promoted through Facebook LIVE and Instagram.

Extending reach using display

Anticipation about the show's launch was further fueled through strategically placed banner ads on a gamut of advertising avenues over the internet.


  • views 19m across content and platforms.

  • Engagement 1.16M

  • Reach 19M On Facebook, with an impression count of over 30mn across platforms.

  • Conversation Trends 178k across Twitter and other websites, #KasautiiZindagiiKay trended on the launch day across 5 cities and was part of All India trends

  • Mentions 32K The show had the highest number of mentions compared to all recent launches

  • #1 CharacterAnurag became the most spoken about fictional character on social media, jumping to #1 on the buzziest characters list