Elevating Mahindra Mutual Fund's brand communication experience in the SMS Inbox!

Elevating Mahindra Mutual Fund's brand communication experience in the SMS Inbox!


Mahindra Finance one of India’s Largest Rural NBFCs recently entered the Asset Management Business through Mahindra Mutual Fund which offers a variety of schemes pan-India, with special focus in rural and semi-urban markets.

Mutual Funds as an investment instrument has predominantly been an urban concept with over 94% of mutual fund investments coming from Tier 1 cities. With Mahindra Mutual Fund focusing on rural & semi urban markets where the primary device for information access is mobile devices, and the constant endeavour is to continuously create a consumer experience that is differentiated and mobile centric.


Consumer purchase journeys with a mutual funds are multi-staged resulting in numerous scenarios e.g. folio creation, fund investment/divestment in various lumpsum / SIP, STP, SWP etc. At each stage a series of SMS notifications are triggered with reminders of upcoming transactions to acceptance of a request and/or successful execution/failure.


On an average individuals receive round 250 messages per month from multiple sources most of these notifications are either confirmations from other financial institutions, utility service providers or promotional messages. Although government rules dictate that numbers on a DND list are not to be contacted there is no respite. This makes the timelines of our smartphones cluttered with consumers finding it difficult to isolate/ discover important notifications from the rest since there is limited differentiation and mobile os ecosystems do not allow for any customisations.


Improving the consumer experience by seamlessly enabling easy identification of service notifications within the OS ecosystem of current smart devices.


TextMoji - Embedding a simple emoji with various color codes at the beginning of the message.

Assigning specific emojis with different colour codes to service notifications for the brand allowed a broad range of outcomes to be seamlessly covered - folio creation, purchase, switch, redemption, payment acknowledgments, SIP reminders etc. The simple shapes and colours further enabled refinement and ease of access lending an aspect of delight for the consumer.

This simple yet effective differentiation at the most critical juncture of the purchase cycle allowed for a truly unique experience for the brand, setting it apart from competition in the truest sense.


  • lift in on-time SIP Payments
  • 8%

    Drop in customer queries regarding status of their transactions

  • 15%

    Increase in customer queries regarding failure notifications with resolution within 48 hrs

  • 48.3%

    increase in conversion of failed transactions