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Assigning video ringtones with Star Plus characters to relate to the viewer's real world relationships

Assigning video ringtones with Star Plus characters to relate to the viewer's real world relationships


Star Plus commands a substantial footprint reaching a pan india audience over 170 million viewers The programming roster boasts of a popular palette of fiction & nonfiction shows capturing the imagination of audiences across the country.

Affinity for a channel is built through its content, however affinity to the content is driven by it’s characters. This makes it critical for the channel to narrow the divide between the audience & their favourite characters to enable a deeper connection with the brand.


Relatability, affinity & love for characters deepens only when they go beyond the context of the show & intersperse with life beyond the 16:9 screen.

Mobile phones today have become synonymous with life through their ability for conversations, consumption & creation


Leverage the power of mobile to make characters intersperse with the everyday & ultimately make them synonymous with the lives of the audience.


Enable linking characters on Star Plus with real-world relationships in a way never done before


Over a 2 month trial, Segments & Memorable Moments from various shows of Star Plus were threaded basis characters and their traits, relationship dynamics, iconic dialogues & moments, reactions integrated through a custom channel in the ‘Vyng’ app.

The platform allowed users to assign these videos to their near & dear ones every time they call, making delight possible in everyday conversations.

This allowed for an opportunity to get into the lives of the consumers reinforcing relatability & aiding long term recall for the shows, characters & thus the brand

The roster of these content cuts was a varied palette segregated basis multiple facets of relationships & quirks making it relatable and further enabled multiple brand interactions that were willful and truly personalised.

  • Uptake 136K Active Users and growing.

  • 400kMN plays per day