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Innovating on Google Search to elevate the discovery of TED Talks India Nayi Soch

Innovating on Google Search to elevate the discovery of TED Talks India Nayi Soch



Star Plus in 2017 challenged age-old gender stereotypes stimulating nationwide conversations in the country through the brand philosophy of “Nayi Soch”

Star Plus was all set to launch TED TALKS INDIA NAYI SOCH, with Sharukh Khan as the sutradhar, a show that was uniquely dissonant to a GEC roster in India.

Given the novel stature of the concept & Shahrukh Khan as the host, it was a ripe opportunity to lend added dimension to Nayi Soch and ultimately the brand


Ted Talks was a new and dense concept especially in context to a larger pan India audience and the problem was compounded with the absence of a destination property that enabled information dissemination for Star Plus.


When brands communicate with consumers and grab their attention there is a natural tendency for a consumer to seek additional information about the topic using search engines. With so much to see, and so little time people often seek highlights, giving the opportunity to elevate the search experience and enable discovery that’s effective


We discovered a large volume of searches for TED TALKS - the show, the speakers and the themes crop up with the PR announcement of the show.

Search volumes were significantly high at 264 mn with and patterns indicated that the audience is searching for information & content.

Capitalising on this trend a media innovation was brought alive to enable discovery and elevate their search experience by partnering with Google to package information as ‘knowledge panels’ on Google as information capsules.

As the show generated tremendous intrigue, searches on TED Talks soared across the country to a substantantial 302 mn. These knowledge panels allowed for relevant discovery of the show content & hyper involved sampling with individual ideas and their speakers packaged as individual capsules affirming the true intent behind the effort.

Search was thus used an effective module of discovery delivering a content experience that was concise, palatable & accessible to India at large.

  • Content was served to 302 Million Search requests with an Interaction Rate of 73.3%