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Taking the power of ideas to the masses with a unique blend of storytelling and technology on digital

Taking the power of ideas to the masses with a unique blend of storytelling and technology on digital


Star Plus in 2017 challenged age-old gender stereotypes stimulating nationwide conversations in the country through the brand philosophy of “Nayi Soch”

The philosophy was unveiled by India’s cricketing stars breaking the country’s biggest gender biased tradition donning their mother’s name on their jersey instead of their father’s .

And was further manifested leveraging key topical apertures

Womens Day challenged existing set norms & gender biased symbolism in the country with a global first thought - ‘And Daughters’

Mother’s Day celebrated contribution of the mother, through a thought-provoking statement- 'Made by Mom'


Broaden the dimensions of ‘Nayi Soch’ as a philosophy stepping beyond ‘gender’ to accommodate the larger thought of influencing India with the power of ideas by introducing ‘Ted Talks India Nayi Soch’ as part of the Star Plus show roster.


  • 1 Set context and drive intrigue to a first of a kind, novel concept- Ted Talks India Nayi Soch set to be inaugurated on a GEC channel like Star Plus
  • 2 Accommodate & demonstrate the brand core ‘Nayi Soch’ to lend elevation to Star Plus as a brand
  • 3 Allow the power of ideas to influence India at large


In a country where the education system and parenting approach has always emphasized on rote learning & linear thinking, ideas & innovation have not been natural outcomes of our society.

The genesis of every idea is a ‘hypothesis’ which is only proven over time, thus subject to questioning & ridicule in the light of what’s practical today.



Challenging the conventional sceptical Indian mindset of rejecting ideas, the campaign took shape of an appeal to India at large in the form of #DontKillIdeas urging them to believe in them.

Two films were released across television & digital platforms which pointed out how celebrated ‘inventions’ of today would have been easily discarded in their crude form as practical improbables.

The thought triggered a large wave of conversations with people contributing to multiple stories of their ideas that have been killed over time. Celebrities from multiple walks of life articulated this thought as living examples of individuals who believed in the power of ideas and stuck by them.

Comedian & actor Vir Das became a part of a Facebook Live session where he shared his life experiences and the way he continued to believe in his ideas, choosing an unconventional career


Living corporate success stories of today were showcased as a part of #DontKillIdeas with successful CEO’s & CMO’s sharing their journeys captured as video bytes enabling a robust context build to #DontKillIdeas

  • Views - 3.56M
  • Impressions - 10.49M
  • CPV - 0.48
  • Organic uptake - 58%
#Dontkillideas proved to be an effective stimulant, laying down a strong foundation leading upto the show launch.

Leveraging technology & social networks Ted Talks India Nayi Soch Press conference was streamed as a event across social platforms projecting the effort as a landmark event

Elevating the discovery of TED

We discovered a large volume of searches for TED TALKS - the show, the speakers and the themes crop up with the PR announcement of the show.

Search volumes were significantly high at 264 mn with and patterns indicated that the audience is searching for information & content.

Capitalising on this trend a media innovation was brought alive to enable discovery and elevate their search experience by partnering with Google to package information as ‘knowledge panels’ on Google as information capsules.

As the show generated tremendous intrigue, searches on TED Talks soared across the country to a substantantial 302 mn. These knowledge panels allowed for relevant discovery of the show content & hyper involved sampling with individual ideas and their speakers packaged as individual capsules affirming the true intent behind the effort.

Search was thus used an effective module of discovery delivering a content experience that was concise, palatable & accessible to India at large.


Shah Rukh Khan, the host of the show, became the sutradhaar to answer the most obvious questions that would follow for an uninitiated mass audience of the country - What is Ted? Who is Ted?, answers to which were captured as video nuggets. With over 21 mn video views the videos help set context to the concept enabling a niche concept to become a household name. The democratisation and access was key to this effort enabling access thats not selective.

Lending largesses to the campaign, the YT masthead announced & explained the concept lending it scale

  • Views - 51M
  • Impressions - 534M
  • CPV - 0.37
  • Organic uptake - 80%

The show was a showcase of a rich and truly distinguished collective of ideas, and minds that thought them / manifested them. The campaign effort created an opportunity now for the speakers to be showcased with exclusive behind the scene videos.

Keeping in mind the essence of the show, the key message from each talk was embedded into a capsule and released across social platforms in sync with the TV release, creating genuine opportunities for a new audience to gravitate to the show.

  • Views - 5.09M
  • Impressions - 35M
  • ENGAGEMENTS - 174.7K


Speakers at TED talks India Nayi Soch covered a range of topics. The magnification was provided by an interesting exercise- TED Social Experiments which allowed for the thought to be manifested through a real life reflection. Social experiments as a content marketing format lend a mirror for people to react, reflect & proved to be an effective modality especially in the context of moving India with the power of ideas.



This film was released manifesting the topic- Changing Relationships. The idea stemmed from the speaker Jasmeen Patheja's talk about women feeling unsafe & uncomfortable within their own spaces. The social experiment had a girl walk through a lane being disconcerted with unwanted attention and being apologetic about it v/s walking the same lane unapologetically with confidence. The outcome of the latter making the men nervous retracting back. The experiment highlighted how it is equally important for women today to make a conscious effort to rise above the fear that has been instilled in them for generations and accept that changed times call for a changed relationship with their environment- one that goes beyond fear, a cry for help or feigned ignorance- one that embraces a woman's identity and empowers her to move freely in a town/city she calls home



Power to Women was a talk by Ekta Kapoor where she spoke about the importance of believing in yourself as a woman and recognising your worth.

The social experiment began with a bait inviting women to 'Find Gold'. Unsure, yet excited as the women participated, she was introduced to the most precious thing present in the room using a mirror- herself.

The simplicity of the act struck a chord. The nervous woman who had entered the room, now suddenly seemed happier, armed with the realisation that she was invaluable. She'd found the gold, and it was within her.



This social experiment reflected the episode- Pursuit of Happiness. The effort questioned our ability to differentiate between what success means to us and question if that in turn does equal happiness. This was done by taking to the streets capturing inputs as a vox pop, asking the people from different age groups to define success, followed by another question to now, define happiness. This left many confused, almost unable to put a finger on what would make them happy. While chasing success, the latter was left in oblivion, almost unrecognisable, posing a serious question for people to reflect on


  • 17.3MN Views

  • 45MN Impressions

  • 174K Engagements


The finale was marked with a Facebook LIVE Session with Shah Rukh Khan a couple of hours before the telecast summarising the entire journey of TED Talks India Nayi Soch- memorable moments and favourite speakers, leaving viewers with the thought that no matter what the idea is, it is worth spreading.

  • 3.8MN Views

  • 2.9MN Reach

  • 5MN Impressions

  • 64.2K Engagements


#TEDTalksIndiaNayiSoch received 367K Mentions across the season



  • Engagements 1.1MN

  • Impressions 629.5MN

  • Video Views - Organic Contribution 62MN

  • Video Consumption 37MN Via OTT, Native & Mobile